Bibtex Import

Downloads references from MathSciNet

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Bibtex Import is an app that lets users get Bibtex references from MathSciNet.

You need a MathSciNet subscription or access in order to use this software

It is written in CoffeeScript and built using Electron and Node.js.


  • Search MathSciNet by author and title
  • Quickly obtain references in bibtex format
  • Easy to use interface
  • Automatically obtain remote access from MathSciNet

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Enter the author and title in the fields. You can also use wildcards and boolean operators, see here for details. You may also leave one of the fields empty.

Press search or hit ENTER. The results of the search will appear on the table. You can click on an entry to select it, you can also use Edit>Select All to toggle selecting all the entries. Next use Edit>Copy to copy the selected bibtex entries to clipboard. You can paste these into an editor.

Example usage